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Right now I am excited already for fall fashion, I just watched sec and the city the movie for the hundredth time so believe me I am readyyyy- you that scene when Carrie is wearing that fabulous hot orange scarf? oh yes thats me. readyyyy. Find my picks for what's trending for fall 2029 below.

This year is all about the statement coat or jacket. The coat IS THE OUTFIT. And quite frankly, I couldn't be happier. Being a plus size woman I have always taken comfort in wearing leggings and a teeshirt with a fabulous jacket as my fall winter uniform. I am glad everyone is catching on! 

This fall its all about comfort and chic. Forget over the knee sexiness and go for a classic up-to-the-knee boots that elongates your legs. Opt for western booties instead of plain black and slide on comfy mules or loafers and block heels instead of painful stilettos and ballet flats. 

If you follow me on Instagram or YouTube you know that the fall bug has already bitten me!
 I love fall as a lot of women do and it can get quite expensive year after year to buy so much decor.
So I find out the best thing to do is focus on basics and after a few years you’ll have a nice collection that you can mix and match with. I also love the idea of choosing a color that you could add to your basic to decor to change it up and give every fall season a different vibe.
 This year I’m sticking with the mint green and muted farmhouse tones that I had last year but I wanted to add in elements of rust, green and additional orange. 
Here are some of the pieces I picked up! Watch the video, leave a comment, and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram so you can shop with me!

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