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1. Pink Pop Fizz Clink! Metal Champagne Glass - Set of 2 - Ok so most of us are girly girls and love a good pink drink or glass! get your girl any rosé and these fun glasses and they'll be thinking of you every time they have a drink! BEST MEMORY EVER

2. Vanderpump Rose 2017 - I mean you need the rosé for the glasses right?

3. My Burberry Blush Gift Set - This is for the girl who loves perfume and who's on the go. Perfect to throw in the purse for work and travel, or for the girl who loves designer things

4Shoes and Bags Planner book - For the worker bee who's organized and loves notebooks and planning, cute tip: write in your birthday and hers and special occasions like girls nights or date nights so she thinks of you every time she opens it! 

5Online Only Crystal Quartz - 12 Piece Brush Set with Cosmetic Bag - so many cosmetic bags are cute but they're empty and expensive and I find it rude to gift someone an empty bag unless its designer hehe, so this is even better for the price!!!

6. Marble Case for iPhone 7/8 Plus - This is a no brainer! Every girl loves marble, and phones cases, and this is under 10 bucks!

7. Rose Macaroon Candle - Paris is a city forever in my heart, this candle brings me back to the Champs Elysees

8Ceramic Face Bowl - This beautiful bowl is perfect for ANYTHING! Makeup brushes, coffee, decor, this is a quint essential glam girl item, get it here

9. Unicorn Slippers - Its cold these days and no one loves something fuzzy cozy and cute like a girl, enough said.

10Goldenrod Cake Knife - Bought this for myself its so pretty!!! gorgeous for your dinner parties and birthday parties or just Tuesdays with a cake.. I wont tell....shhh

Hope you enjoyed my picks! 
did you buy some for yourself?
let me know on instagram!

'Tis the season for all things merry and bright... and sparkly.
Christmas has changed drastically, It's gone from popcorn garland
with homemade ornaments to luxury tinsel with designer bows. However, 
that doesn't necessarily mean you'll have to break the bank for a glam X'mas. If 
you haven't already decorated, here are a few ideas and quick tips to get you started.

Black + White Christmas

Although this theme is out of the ordinary and far from traditional. Black + White as a pair is always timeless and elegant. Toss some silver into the mix and with hints of diamonds and feathers to add a glamorous touch to your Christmas. If your style is a tad bit more modern try adding some gold and combining it with patterns like stripes and polka dots for Kate Spade inspired decor.

 Iridescent Gem Ball Ornament .  Drop Christmas Finial Ornament . Bethlehem Star Christmas Shaped Ornament
Striped Ornament Stocking Holder .  Silver Mixed Shatterproof Ornament Set
Gold and White Striped Ribbon . Christian Ulbricht Black King NutcrackerLC Silver Eiffel Tower Ornament

Who doesn't love Rose Gold? It could be used as the pop of color on a simple white tree, As the main event being the tree color, or as an accent to an all blush everything Christmas. However you decided to pair it, mix it, or accentuate it, a Rose Gold Christmas is effortlessly chic.
I know what you're thinking Plaid, plaid, and more plaid, But that's not necessarily true. Farmhouse themed Christmas's can be just as elegant and chic as any other. Instead of the traditional red Tartan try incorporating mute tones like grey, navy, or white for more of a rustic glam vibe.
You CAN wear white after Labor Day, and so can your Christmas tree! With that being said, you have two options Monochrome or pop of Metallic color. The monochromatic option is simple, all white everything! However, the metallic pop can go many ways, you can even incorporate things like marble ornaments and sparkling garland. No matter the accent color all white is always sleek and chic.

The typical traditional Christmas isn't as boring you think. Now that we've all been there done that, the old red and green decorations have become a lot more modern and way over there top. Swap out boring old ball shaped ornaments for a tree filled with every shape imaginable and add bells, bows, and diamonds for a modern twist. Another option is to give the tree a theme. Show how bad and boujee you are by creating a Gucci inspired Christmas tree. 

Theme Christmas

Have a little fun with your Christmas! If you're an Old Hollywood fan try a Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn inspired tree. If you have children and constantly have to hide that elf on a different shelf. Try hiding him along with all of friends in different parts of tree as Santa's little spies.

You all know I love to host! 
On my long list of hobbies its definitely one of the top!
 The cooking, the baking and ESPECIALLY the dinnerware, placemats, candles and entertaining pieces!

 It's all an excuse to get delicious cheeses, aromatic wines and beautifully sparkly decor pieces! This was a small dinner party for 4 but boy did it pack a punch! 

snowflake napkin rings . cloth napkins 
marble plates . marble glasses . beaded placemat

Follow below for all the steps and recipes and watch the youtube video for visual inspo and glam aesthetics! 


For these mini caprese, you'll need:

🖤party picks

🖤cherry tomatoes
🖤mozzarella cheese cubes

Use the bottom flat side of the cheese to gold the pick up and place on a beautiful long appetizer plate to present to your guests.


Dinner consisted of stuffed chicken with spinach, feta, cream cheese, and parmesan cheese.
Use frozen not fresh spinach and season your chicken with salt and pepper.
Add any additional flavor you want but remember that the saltier the cheese the less seasoning you need.





For sides, I went with rice pilaf from the bag for the easiest dinner ever and candied carrots, they taste amazing, add a great balance of sweetness to this dinner menu, and they look fancy AF but take no effort!

marble wine cooler


And the star of the show is the cheesecake 

🖤24 ounces of cream cheese
🖤4 eggs 
🖤one egg yolk (for denser cake)
🖤1/2 cup of sugar
🖤pinch of salt
🖤lemon zest or
🖤2 table spoons of lemon juice
bake for 45 mins to 1 hour 
(should have slight wobble in the center)


🖤1/4 cup of sugar 
bake for 10 mins


🖤can of cherry pie filling
🖤 1/4 sugar to taste
yum food
if you want a lighter cheesecake, add 1/4 cup of sour cream 
and wrap it in a water bath to assure the cheesecake doesn't crack!
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