So I was feeling bored with my looks lately. I decided to get creative.

I've had this grey jumpsuit for a while that I never really liked (someone sent it to me), but I have used it before for filming and pictures, so I wanted to actually make it into an outfit.

So I started by cutting it into a romper, that I didn't like, it looked like pajamas, so I cut it into a bodysuit, and what always looks good with a body suit? JEANS and heels.

I'm loving the color palette of this look and it just so happened Antonio brought me pink roses that just worked into the photos. A girl cant handle herself around pink flowers.

I know there's no exact place to find this body suit (because I made it) but here's one that's similar! bodysuit

bracelets here from jemztreasures http://www.jemz.bigcartel.com/

The jeans are from ASOS Curve find them here

Shoes are my FAVE nude heels from Forever21. find them here (very similar)

The pink trench is from BOOHOO, find it here (this one is better, i have this one in olive)

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