Tennis Court

"Don't you think that its boring how people talk?"

Black jeans



valentines day is approaching.
also its Aquarius season.
feb 15 here!!
so im in full Weeknd "reminder" mode.
Bomb song.

dress: Here!
heels: Here
shape wear underneath dress: Here wearing a 3x


Nude Mood

When its 50 degrees in January so you don't know how to act.

satin duster: on sale!
highlighter: here


Casual SLAY At the Plaza

If I'm honest, this is how I look on a regular day, my uniform so to speak.
I went to Catholic School my whole life so I was all about the uniform.
To be honest, it makes life easier, they say the geniuses wear uniforms, *ahem* Steve jobs.



Becca Party NYC

I had such an amazing time at the Becca Cosmetics party last night!
here are the pictures that you haven't seen! taken with my canon.
thank you so much for all your love and support which have made this possible for me.
thank you to Becca for believing in me when I was a celebrity makeup artist and
now as an influencer and Plus Model/Blogger.
This journey has been amazing and its only the beginning!
cant wait to take you all with me.
you love and support is everything.

dress: Thank you Deb for this dress!
boots: ON SALE FOR $20!!
shapewear: very comfortable, not constricting like others


2017 mood

2016 was amazing, I slayed, I accomplished, I had fun, I had love, and I had you guys.
Thank you for all the love. I pushed my boundaries and raised the bar.
I cant wait to see what 2017 has for us. I love you!!!!!

bling top  here
heels  here
fur coat  Here