From Times Square With Love

A good trouser will take you far! We had brunch today and I love dressing up for brunch. I need more floral and cute brunch looks though lol! I had a really cute outfit planned but for some reason the whether doesn't wanna see me win -_-

It's been so gross almost every weekend for weeks now!! So I had to throw a look together quick that would be spring but keeps my warm in the chilly rainy weather!

We had quite the journey today and my look too me far but honestly nothing is more comfy than leggings and sneakers!!! Saves my feet x10000!!! I need a soak girl! But my sandals were a great alternative to heels but still made me feel sexy and dressed up!! i also cut the straps off the sandals so they were more like mules and i loved it so much more! Don't be afraid of personalizing your look!You'll be seeing these a lot! Get ready lol

Get the look here
SATIN DUSTER (size 12&14)
Blush duster (1x)
Chiffon long duster
BEST OPTION! Size 14-24!! Pink duster
LIPSTICK (color "naked")