Be a thot

Sometimes, it's summer and you get into these moods. You know it's hot and humid and you feel sexy like you're in a music video. Or maybe that's just me? Lol
Sometimes you wanna be a little bad ting and express that BeyoncĂ© side. You know that scene in crazy in love by the water hydrant? Yea that's my constant summer mood. Ha! Anyway this look is just one of those fun summer looks!! Even just for a moment this look is fun for a summer party night  out, or with your man or lady đź‘… I'll link similar items and the ones I'm wearing so you can have options!!

Also throw out your shape wear please!!!!
please girl, we all know we fat, making yourself uncomfortable isn't helping anyone!!! if you feel bad chances are you don't look good. Only wear what makes you feel good!!! Don't live for others' happiness!!!

Grey mini skirt
Black lace up mini skirt
Distressed tee(black)
Distressed tee (pink & white)
Black heels
Cheek highlight
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