Last night Buxom had an event for their new plumping products, and sexy was the theme of the night! Because it was in an open studio type downtown event space I wanted to dress sexy, chic and downtown! 
I loved this look and it came together last minute too! The pants i bought a couple hours before and the top was delivered as i was getting ready for the event! Talk about the nic of time!
I finally feel like i was lucky for once, lol! Anyway I think I definitely pulled together the look I was going for and I think a lot of people were feeling it too! Ninety percent of the guests were also wearing black! Below you'll find all the deets to GET THE LOOK!


MAKEUP details
highlighter: BUY
lipsticks: BUY (shade Samantha)
blush: BUY (shade Bellini)


Sporty Chic

I love always finding new ways to be casual and chic. For me this is on the verge of street wear and chic and I love combining elements I wouldn't normally to get a different look. Combining the trousers with sneakers is something I wouldn't have normally done but by cuffing them and adding a tee-shirt with roses and a soft bomber the look stays casual but doesn't go full street wear. I was definitely influenced by the gorgeous Brazilians that visit New York and dress so chic with sneakers!! They are always so effortlessly chic and comfortable!
I'll be leaving multiple options for my look below!



Olive bomber
Roses tee shirt
"Leather cap"


Florals and rips

DATE NIGHT! I love the plaza hotel so much. Its the perfect spot for that old holly wood Gatsby glam! The palm court is where we went, they're known for after noon tea and delicious fancy treats and desserts. Its restaurant week so we got the 3 tiered option with tiny burgers, fries, wings, chefs treats and more! We also got two yummy drinks, THE COSMO WAS TO DIE!! I wore this off the shoulder top with pink floras and bubble sleeves. This top is all the trendiness at once and I love it! I love off the shoulder tops and they pair so well with jeans in the summer to balance out how much clothing I am wearing so I'm not hot!
top: BUY
top: BUY
jeans: BUY
shoes: BUY
bag: BUY
highlight: BUY
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