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Vegas & LA

Y’all know I love vegas so much. With the tragedy that happened there I feel so guilty for all the fun that I’ve had there but I feel so blessed to have had those experiences as well. I have such a connection to Vegas and my heart will always be partly there. I know prayers and thoughts can’t help anyone but I would still hope one or my thoughts and prayers makes it to gods ear and he can just restore the heart of all those in pain. I don’t mean to make this post sad or gloomy but it wouldn’t be right to make a Vegas post without addressing this event. I love vegas so much and I hope this post will give you inspiration for the next time you’re there! I would like the think those who were affected by the horrific terror attack would want the rest of us to enjoy Vegas like they did in their last day and respect their memory when we there enjoying the strip. Below you’ll find some of my fave looks from this past vegas/LA trip and links of the items you can purchase to recreate these looks!

This look is my favorite! I loved Rodeo Drive so much. I literally could just live there!! Its the most Chic glamorous place I've ever seen! Being born and raised in New York I'm over 5th avenue lol so Rodeo Drive is amazing to me!! Gives me all the pretty woman feels!!

When i first heard Sarah Jessica Parker had a shop in the Bellagio Hotel i knew i had to go! And then it worked out that we ended up staying at the Bellagio the night of the Jennifer Lopez show! The moment we checked in I went right down stairs and bought a pair of gorgeous glittery shoes!!! I am sooooo in love with them! i will link them here so you can have a look!!!

The dress was sent to me but ill leave some similar ones below!

This swimsuit is so comfortable and feels sexy but full coverage! I love that you can untie the halter part and it becomes a strapless so you can tan easily! find it here
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