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Table Scapes & Dinner Decor

So if you follow me on instagram or snapchat or youtube, okay basically anywhere, you'll know I love home decor and having dinner parties with my friends! 

Starting last year I started purchasing more decor and dinnerware that allowed me to start having more friends over! 
I've always hosting social events but I've taken it to a whole new level! Bed Bath & Beyond was kind enough to gift me with some items so I got me a bar cart and I'm loving it! 

get the bar cart here

Honestly hosting at home can be expensive but boy its the best option for someone like me who loves a dress but would rather wear slippers than heels! I created two table scapes I created for two dinners;  Friendsgiving and New Years dinner! 

I'll take you through the items in both table space and describe how I used them in both dining table setups!


For Friendsgiving I went with navy as my main color and centralized my theme around it for my decor and Christmas tree! if you watch my youtube you saw my Christmas decor hauls and decorating videos! my tree was navy with hints go gold white and silver. I also had navy and silver sequin pillows and a navy fur pillow. To bring the table into it I started with a navy sequin table runner. sorry I didn't get better photos but next decor blog post will be better!

These navy plates were the perfect dessert plates to balance the color scheme and also add some interest and pattern to the table! They’re versatile and gorgeous and look so much better than you’d expect from Walmart! Find them here! The print also comes in an entire set! The navy works with multiple color schemes and seasons!

Because we have a mixed metals theme in our apartment, I went with my regular gold dinnerware which balances with my entire decor as well as my marble dining table. Overall I prefer gold so my gold dinner ware always works. 
For my New Years dinner I went with a rose gold delicate color scheme. Again, it started with a rose gold fur blanket that I purchased from Home Goods, which provided the inspo for this theme, as well as my overall LOVE for rose gold! If you know me, you know I'm a self proclaimed rose gold queen lol
For my rose gold tablescape, I wanted it to be really clean, fresh, and indicative of a new year! I use a separate table for the food and beverages, along with a bar cart so the dining table didn't need food space. Rose gold spray paint was my best friend to give this table what it needed! I spray painted some cheap faux white roses and then put them in small glass jars, I spray painted some white and gold flowers to give them a rose gold touch.




I know some people are tired of the duster and dress look, which is pretty much my signature look, but it makes me feel so good! When I'm feeling uninspired and not my most daring; anything blush and sequined makes me feel 1000 times better, and the duster always adds that hint of coverage and it adds another layer of chic by adding structure and playing off textures! Especially with nudes and blush tones because they always look good together!


Tonight Becca Cosmetics had an event to celebrate some new eye products.
i love becca parties! the girls are always dressed great which makes me feel comfortable wearing a great dress! i felt right at home too in this pink room!
Swipe through below for all the options to recreat this sparkly nudey pink look!
i love a clean sparkly look like this! Always looks amazing and makes me feel the most glam and most myself! 




ok so I know this is a bit fall looking but I really didn't get a chance to experience fall. 
let me explain.
 in September it was hot as fuck and then there was fashion week, and then I was in Vegas and LA where it was summer again so clearly by October I tried to make up for it but it continued being hot and then suddenly winter came. i've been held up in my apartment with this freezing cold but when I got the balls to get up and shoot I wanted to feel cozy and warm and well hello doesn't get any cozier and warm then a pumpkin spiced latte. they are my fave fall treat but hey its still cold out so all winter and fall treats are acceptable!!! anyway, don't judge me and find the details down below! im also adding hair and makeup details now! I want to help you all find your style and be inspired from head to toe!!!

dress: fashion nova
boots: here
coat: most similar
purse: here
hair straightener: here
lipstick: color (myth)
lipgloss: color (myth)
eyeshadow: here
foundation: here
highlighter: here
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