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It's All in the Details

This year I wanted a white Christmas so I decorated my home in silver and white with subtle hints of black for a modern flare. When it came to the presents under the tree I wanted their decor to be just as chic. So I wrapped them in this beautiful simple printed craft paper and tied on a sequin ribbon to add my signature sparkle touch. Then for the final accents I added either silver bows or a combination of  bows and ornaments. 

Mini ornaments are the perfect gift toppers. Stick to the traditional ball ornament shape or personalize it by adding the initials of the recipient or even their favorite food or animal. Mix and match your wrapping prints, boxes and even bows to create a one of a kind Christmas, and to help easily distinguish gifts. If you have family or friends whose b-days fall around Christmas time, mix birthday wrapping paper with Christmas ornament toppers to make their gift even more special like I did! BOTH of my siblings birthdays are right after XMAS!

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