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Merry Red Christmas

I had the great honor of being invited to dine at Gupshup NYC on December 14th, and the food was delicious. I am truly honored that they value my opinion and experience. The atmosphere was hip and trendy but had a great mix of an older fancy crowd mixed in with the after-work crowd. We made friends with the influencer to the right of us and the out-of-state-tourists to the left who were on their way to catch a showing of Broadway's Mean Girls (which I'm dying to see). Although the food absolutely authentic and delicious, the waiters seemed a bit lost and confused and they brought us a bunch of plates we didn't order, and were arguing on the side of the bar whilst I was waiting for the restroom. The maitre d though was maticulously walking around and making sure everything went smoothly and our waitress was sweet and prompt. The water was flowing constantly and our glasses were never empty!

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