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A Guide Through All Things Self Care

Sometimes we can be hard on ourselves, whether it's stress from work or stress from just not quite feeling like you match up to your piers. No matter what the issue is, it tends to weigh down our mind, body and soul. Here are a few tips and techniques to help lift you back up, as well as some of my favorite products to keep you fresh, fine, and glamorous.

1. Be Present With Yourself
2. Be Aware Of Yourself
3. Use Affirmation Exercises
4. Keep Journals
5. Have Positive Inner Dialogue
6. Take a Break and Focus On One Thing At a Time
7. Do Something You Enjoy Everyday

8. Get As Much Rest As Possible
9. Eat Clean At Least Once A Day
10. Find an Exercise That you love and Do It Regularly
11. Practice Good Hygiene
12. Get To Know Yourself Intimately
13. Get Regular Medical Check Ups

14. Mute The Negative In Your Life
15. Treat Yo Self
16. Love + Be Loved
17. Meditate

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