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If you follow me on Instagram or YouTube you know that the fall bug has already bitten me!
 I love fall as a lot of women do and it can get quite expensive year after year to buy so much decor.
So I find out the best thing to do is focus on basics and after a few years you’ll have a nice collection that you can mix and match with. I also love the idea of choosing a color that you could add to your basic to decor to change it up and give every fall season a different vibe.
 This year I’m sticking with the mint green and muted farmhouse tones that I had last year but I wanted to add in elements of rust, green and additional orange. 
Here are some of the pieces I picked up! Watch the video, leave a comment, and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram so you can shop with me!

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You guys know I love polka dots, they're feminine pretty and always in style. No matter the season or reason you can't go wrong with one these beautiful dresses. The one I'm wearing is sold out. but I have found so many beautiful ones that are similar. swipe below to shop!



Morning Routine

Having a morning routine will keep you organized and on track to have a productive day. Of course, no one is perfect, and its okay to fall out of line from time to time! Especially when you're sick (like I am right now) or extra busy etc. But in general, having a timeline for your day and being aware of your goals for the day is the best way to feel accomplished and get things done. 

Here are some easy steps to begin a morning routine that can change your life. And another thing, don't be afraid to change it up and trying different elements to your routine daily. 

1. Have a good sleep schedule. 

Make sure you're setting alarms for when to sleep and when to wake up. Getting up at the same time everyday will help you feel more rested and ready to start your day. 

2. Wake up early. 

This should be no surprise, but going to bed and waking up early will motivate you to accomplish more. The world generally wakes up and goes to bed at the same time so everyone is doing things and accomplishing their goals at the same time. you'll start to feel better about yourself when you are too. 

3. Have a TO-DO list. 

Now, the best way to do this is to write monthly goals and then turn those into daily tasks but it doesn't always have to be that way. Sometimes the mood strikes and you get inspired to create something that's not on the main goals list for the month. When you wake up quickly write down the main things you have to get done, from taking out the trash, to making doctors appointments, to filming a youtube video. It doesn't matter how small the task may seem, if its something you could forget, or something time sensitive, write it down. Being able to physically check off items from this list will generally make you feel more productive and more accomplished which leads to general higher self esteem.

4. Do a quick clean up.

Now its your deep clean day this shouldn't take too long, but when you wake up take some time to fluff and put pillows back, take cups, plates, bottles, etc to the kitchen and put things back where they belong. By tidying up quickly mess will not pile up and you come back to clean space that allows you work and live better in the space. 

5. Have a skincare routine.

I know for a lot of people this is so silly and they will make no time and effort for it. But your morning skincare doesn't have to take long. It can be as simple as face wash in the shower and a good SPF before you run out of the door. Try to "make time". By this I mean multi task, wash your face in the shower, or mask in the shower, and let your moisturizer sink in as you're making your coffee. 

6. Make your bed. 

I know this may be annoying but I promise it makes a difference. Remember that amazing feeling you get in a hotel when you come back to your room and your bed is made? Theres no better feeling. 

At first it may feel difficult to stick to this, but eventually it becomes...A routine! ha! and of course according to your specific lifestyle this may change and you can add or take away what matters to you or the specific things you have to do! 






Summer is usually the only time I get into reading, especially when I was a teenager and had time to do it! But as I'm getting older, I'm finding myself wanting to revisit some of the things I enjoyed doing before social media, before influencing and before marriage! Sometimes you have to rediscover your youth to find yourself again. I know, kinda deep for a summer reading blog post but hear me out. I love reading fun girly books, that are fun, inspiring, and tell a good story. I love reading books that were the inspiration for some of my fave movies and shows. So if you're like me and are looking for something juicy and fun to read to explore the fantasy world (but not too fantasy like harry potter, than look no further and just keep READING! HA! get it?

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This book I recently finished as my 2019 goal to start reading again! I had started it a while ago and never finished because its so different from the show, but I won't spoil it. you must read, even if you're not a fan of the show. ITS NOT THE SAME.

I am one of those I read this book because of the TV show, but boy is it worth it!!! This book is terrifying and SO SO good. I am getting ready to read the second one, after the next season comes, I want to read it after I watch so nothing is ruined! Also the story changes a bit from the book on the show, so I dont want to ruin the experience of either. 

This book MOVED me in high school, I would say to this day its my favorite book. Virginia's life was incredibly sad, but she was a tremendous writer, and I definitely understand her. 

This book is a classic, it might be the default for everyone who doesn't really read but wants to sound smart, but who cares. This book is amazing, touching, truly a work of art. A must read at least once in your life. 
These next two books are PRE-quels to sex and the city by the same author and their predecessor SATC (above) These take place when Carrie is in high school and they're sooooo much fun to read! I read these years ago but definitely a fun summer read just to fantasize about being 16 again!

Another class you read once in your life. Or maybe 17 if you're Rachel.

Yes I read all of them, I actually read them twice. SUE ME!!! 

ok this one is a bit embarrassing, because its literally for 10 year olds but omg, its one of my fave books ever!!! I love mermaids and I've never found a mermaid book like this; so pure and easy to read and sweet. It is definitely something you can read in a day by the pool. 

I try not to read more than one book at a time but I am currently reading two and I am loving both! They're both about New York of course and I'm sure you'll recognize them!


This list is also short because I just got back into reading so I haven't dove too deep into the pool of literacy but I do have some books at home and in mind that I want to either re-read or begin reading!

The second in the "YOU" series

This book looks like so much fun! Its set in 1940s NYC and I read the first page and I cannot wait to dive in when I finish the two I'm reading now!

This book I started reading years ago and I never finished it! I think now that I am older I will appreciate it more so I will be reading it from the beginning!




Today I had the great pleasure of heading to the Penthouse of the Nomad hotel here in NYC for an open house event for Farmacy Beauty's new Cherry vitamin C serum and their limited edition makeup removing balm thats cherry scented! I love this serum! It smells yummy and love the way it makes my skin feel! Luckily I had ordered this top a week ago and it was perfect for this breakfast event in the heart of the fashion district! Shop it below!


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