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Disclaimer: I just want to mention, 
that not to sound conceited by any means, 
I have been told by doctors and aestheticitians 
family members etc. that I actually have very smooth
 skin smoother than the average person. 
I actually never knew this until I got older 
I thought everyone skin was super smooth but I guess 
since I didn’t get the skinny gene I got the smooth skin gene,  
Ha ha, we can’t have it all! So I guess my point is to take 
these with a grain of salt because they’re not miracle workers 
but I think they can help if you make them part of your daily routines.

Although a lot of us are already feeling that 
pre-fall anxiety because of our favorite stores
 like home goods putting out beautiful pumpkins 
and burnt orange leaf wreaths; for most of us there’s
 still quite a bit of summer left. One of my most asked 
questions is how do I keep my skin so smooth?  
Well in this blog post I’m gonna give you so
me of my favorite tips on how to keep your skin super
 smooth all year long but especially during the summer.

1: Exfoliate

Exfoliating on a regular basis especially your body can really help you keep smooth skin around your knees ankles and anywhere else your skin gets dry like your heels. Try to exfoliate before you’re going to get a suntan so that you don’t have to do it after. Exfoliate before you’re going to get a suntan so that you don’t have to do it after, and exfoliate every inch of yourself not just those areas that get dry. Our body skin is tougher than our face skin so you can be more rough with your body and use a homemade sugar scrub. But if you’re lazy like me and prefer to buy one, here are some of my favorites.

Soap and glory scrub - great gentle exfoliator 
vitamin c scrub - great for lightening up dark under arms etc

2. Moisturize

It may seem obvious but I think a lot of us don’t realize how often we should be hydrate our skin and how little we actually do. I actually moisturize from head to toe after every shower no matter the weather. I know for some people it’s uncomfortable to apply lotion when it’s hot out but I promise you it’s really worth it. In the winter your skin gets wind burn and gets dried out from the cold and in the summer your skin gets dried out from the heat.  All the salt water from the ocean and the chlorine from the pools that we go into really dries out the skin and causes it to look less hydrated and it begins to get flaky and 

3. Hydrate

I know you hear it all the time but drinking water really is the key to better skin make it a point to drink water constantly all day I know it’s a hassle to pee all day but I promise you not only will your skin look better but your body really does function better-drinking water is the key to life. When you drink enough water your skin is super clear supple and has a natural glow. You guys always ask me what’s on my skin that makes it look so glowing in my videos, and it’s nothing; I just hydrate; the more water you drink the better your skin will look. I swear by this.

cute water bottles:

4. Moisturize while your skin is wet

 I actually don’t really use my towel that much after I shower I like to pat dry and just dry down the crevices that I don’t want wet like my inner thighs under my arms under my boobs in between my toes etc. but honestly for the rest of my body I like it wet when I apply my moisturizer, your skin absorbs moisturizer better when your skin is wet as well as your perfume which is another tip to smelling good all day. Apply your moisturizer while your skin is wet and rub in that extra moisture and lotion; let your skin dry and soak it all in and you will see an immediate difference in how glowing your skin looks over time.

5. Use leftover facial skin care on your body

If you have any skin care that particularly doesn’t work on your face, i.e., it makes you break out it gives you a rash on your face or it just isn’t really helping; you don’t like the smell there’s a bunch of reasons why skin care might not work for your face but because the skin on your body is tougher you could possibly use that for the rest of your body (disclaimer: don’t use anything that has an ingredient that has giving you a rash or you know you’re allergic to if you’re allergic to it on your face you’re going to be allergic to it on your body most likely so please don’t end up in the hospital because of this blog post) if you have a product that you don’t particularly love on your face, it’s not that expensive but it is skin care maybe something that you got from TJ Maxx or something you got as a gift definitely use that on your body. I like to take whatever skin care is left from my face when I do my morning skin care routine or night time skin care routine; I take the rest of it from my hand and put it all over my neck my chest my arms and even sometimes my knees. If it’s really great for your face it’s going to be even better for your body! 

6. Use cold water to shower ๐Ÿšฟ 

I know a lot of you were going to hate this, but in reality heat is actually not that good for us. We’re always told that drinking hot tea when you have a cold or using the sauna for your muscles is the best thing, but in reality cold is actually better. The cold reduces inflammation it wakes you up it relieves pain and inflammation. Inflammation is the reason we have muscle aches, have ankle pain, joint pain etc. Coldwater is better for your hair and it’s better for your skin; it closes your pores keeps them closed, tightens your skin and actually helps your skin stay hydrated and glowing; hot water actually opens your pores and leaves your skin more susceptible to bacteria and tears. If you absolutely need hot water at least end your shower with a blast of cold water ๐Ÿ’ฆ it’ll close your pores and seal in Moisture. 

7. Always apply some type of hydrating oil to your skin when you’re leaving the house

Especially during the summer I like to look extra glowy and shiny, I’ll use some type of body glow oil or shimmering body products to look Chloe. Sometimes though I just want something hydrating and glow we without the bronzy color that they is my clothes or without glitter so I’ll just opt for either suntan oriole or some type of SPF body oil even if you’re not trying to look super glamorous applying some type of oil will keep your skin hydrated while you’re out and keep it sealed so that it doesn’t lose its natural moisture I find that this really helps keep my skin glowing throughout the day and keeps it from drying out.

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