I'm a Latina from the south bronx who always loved fashion and beauty, I always had a natural knack for fashion and around 12 years old I discovered my love for makeup. By age 17 I knew I wanted to be a makeup artist. By college I worked for Sephora and MAC while getting my bachelors in forensic psychology. By 2015 I got my first opportunity to be a makeup artist for a celebrity. For the time I enjoyed it, but it made me realize that my heart was always in front of the camera not hiding behind it because I was too fat. So I stopped working for others and started working for myself. I started my fashion blog and worked on my youtube channel. Within a year I gained over 100 thousand followers on instagram and 50 thousand subscribers on youtube.

I'm beyond grateful for the oppurtunities I've been given and I cannot wait for whats next! if you'd like to collaborate with me email gabriellalascano@yahoo.com