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It's that time of year again, you know exactly what time I'm talking about. That short period of time when we all get motivated to shed our holiday food babies... Let's be honest we've been carrying these babies for far longer than just the holiday season! But 2019 is different we are going to get healthy and stick to it and even if some of us don't, at least we can look cute while running errands or walking into starbucks to order a frappe with extra whipped cream. Athletic wear has evolved and is no longer your typical oversized sweatshirt and tube sock combination. It's Athleisure; Trendy, Transitional, and sometimes even sexy. Here are a few outfits I adore, I hope these inspire you to look fine while getting fit.

Gunmental Glam


Camo Chic

Bashful Blush

Sassy Scarlet

Golden Charcoal

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