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It’s 2019, and everyone is scrabbling to feel accomplished and make goals! But don’t fret! There’s A LOT of small changes you can make day to day to feel accomplished. These are personally the things I do every week to keep myself on track when work is flow or I feel lost. Doing these small things make a huge difference and will make you feel like a grown up!

1. Start your Mondays right by sitting down and writing your goals for the week and writing down your plans.

2. If you have trouble staying healthy and not ordering grub hub *raises hand* planning your meals is really helpful. 

3. If you’re feeling uninspired and bored in your space, take the time to redecorate! Even if it’s just adding fresh flowers to your rooms, hanging some new artwork and just flipping your couch around; these little changes will inspire you make you feel brand new in your space!

4. Now this part can be scary but as a grown up we really should know where our money's going and now it’s being spent! Sometimes we feel out of control because of the LACK of money planning. By sitting down and checking your finances you’ll out your mind at ease.

5. As with financial planning make sure your bills are paid. Go over your bills and be sure credit cards are paid on time to avoid late fees that just add unnecessary stress!

6. Again this goes hand in hand with a financial plan. If you have more than five credit cards and you feel like you’re overwhelmed; sit down, list all your credit cards and how much you owe and make a plan to pay off your cards. Again, this will make you feel accomplished and give you something to look forward to.

7. Organizing your desk whether at work or home or anywhere that you use space in your life to work is very important to keep organized. This is where you get your best ideas, where you plan your future and it should definitely reflect the positive accomplished, goal oriented sense of self you’re trying to promote in your every day life.

8. Organizing your phone apps is not necessarily something you would think to do, or anything you think would actually make a difference in your every day life, but if you actually organize your apps by folder and even color coordinate them, (ridiculous, I did it) it actually makes you feel really accomplished; your phone feel clean and just makes you feel like you organized a part of your life that can sometimes be a little bit overwhelming.

9. Delete photos: hello, this is obvious! Delete all those dumb videos and hella selfies mija!! YOU DONT NEED UM!

10. Deleting apps makes you feel brand new! Clear up that extra space and get rid of apps you haven’t used in the past 2 months.

11. Deleting phone numbers is a great way to start the year fresh. If you don’t ever think of calling or texting the person- DELETE!

12. Again, delete all those emails that make you want to shop! 

13. And unsubscribe from all those *SALE* email lists!

14. Cleaning out your makeup makes you feel good but it’s also IMPORTANT! Your skin will thank you for keeping your makeup clean and fresh!

15. And I know we ALL HAVE crap in our medicine cabinets that is crusty musty and dusty!! Moisturizers with ONE drop left, serums that are 3 years old and masks that have dried out! (Included here are almost empty shampoos and never used body scrubs). 
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