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Plus Size Heels: Tips & Tricks

So you girls know I love heels, I love glam, but as all of us, I DON'T love the pain!! Lets be real, if you are heavy and maybe a little older than 26, you can't hang with 4 each heels, and honestly its not worth it!! Be comfy!! It's classier and more comfortable to wear a heel you can walk in for at least 2-3 hours. Its damn near 2020 ya'll its time to be comfortable!!

People always ask me what my tips and tricks are for wearing heels:
here they are!

1. Wearing the right size.

If your shoe is too big, you foot will sweat and slip and create friction. If too small, your feet will swell, you'll get blisters. 

2. Tape your second and third toe.

Taping these two toes together help to relieve pain from your nerves and make heels more comfortable for a longer wear. 

3. Wear lower heels/kitten heels

Ladies, its a new day, kitten heels are sexy and you can find so many styles that are just as sexy and beautiful as stilettos without the pain! I also love slingback! shop these here  

4. Wear block heels.

With a block heel you have more balance, and they are overall more comfortable than thing heels because they allow more balance of your weight and relief of pressure points. They are usually only 1-4 inches rather than 4-6 inches. 

5. Wear heels with ankle straps or slip back style.

Straps and slick backs hold the shoe in place and help prevent blisters and sliding. The added glam of the ankle straps and sling back buckle are also a fun way to add to your outfit to "make up" for the lack of height in the heel and make the shoe sexier and more fashionable. 

6. Don't wear heels TOO often.

Heels are factually not healthy for your body and especially if you're heavy. Wear sneakers with sufficient support for your knees and back so that when you wear heels your body is less tired and ready to handle it. 

7. Use accessories for comfort. 

Use deodorant, jellier inserts, tape etc to increase comfort. Use gel inserts and place them in the spots that are YOUR pressure points to increase comfort for your shoe. If you know a particular shoe needs extra help buy it a size down to make space for inserts.

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