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Bar Cart 101 & Essentials

You guys always see me pouring my Rosé over my bar cart and have asked and ASKED for this and I'm sorry its taken me so long!! The low down on everything bar cart essentials is here including an entire stoppable library below!

1. Have the drinks you actually drink and ask your friends who frequent your bar cart often to bring their own bottle or just have mini ones on hand. Make sure your bar cart suits YOUR Needs, not Pinterest!

2. Add personality to your bar cart. Find your bar cart style with Pinterest and add quirky styling pieces to give it character, like flowers, art, signs, trays, wood slabs etc.

3. Have the right tools. Every bar cart needs the bar essentials to make drinks and serve your guests, so make sure you have an ice bucket, glasses, napkins, coasters, cork openers, ice bucket, ice tongs, and the list goes on!

4. Break up the space with trays, wood slabs and more! Give the eye something to focus on so your space doesn't seem cluttered. 

5. Make it YOURS!
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