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Chicken arugula salad

happy new year! if you're looking to eat healthier or just looking to change up your diets here's an easy lunch salad and is sooooo delicious you can eat it everyday!

firstly, everything I used can be substituted with your faves, for example, use raspberries instead of blueberries, or skip the dressing etc. I want to also add that I think using some crisp greens in here helps too when using so many creamy ingredients. It is really up to you!
start with greens, I'm using arugula. Next add chicken salad, this one from trader joes is so yummy and has the perfect hint of sweetness, eat on its own or add to a bigger salad like I am doing here!

Next add nuts, blueberries, olive oil and even more grilled chicken to make this salad filling, and top off with a sprinkle of salt and dressing. I'm using a raspberry vinaigrette that I have loved for many years! Use a sweet and tangy dressing for this salad. 

Serve with a soup or a pita bread for a pocket of lunch goodness!

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