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I like to cut the stems everyday as well as cut off excess greens or excess petals that are wilting! I will even use my kitchen scissors to cut off pieces of petals on the rose bud that are turning brown. Think of this like the old saying, one apple rots the bunch. Make sure your water is not freezing cold or warm, and lightly dribble some on to the tops of the buds as well to mimic rain drops. Keep your flowers out of sunlight, or heat for example in front of an electric fire place or on top of a radiator. Use the flower food you get with your flowers, and change the water everyday. Make sure you're not drowning your flowers with water, only enough to cover the stems. Keep candles away from your flowers as you can burn the petals and wilt the buds. Let me know if these tips help and check below for my favorite plant and flower tools and accessories!

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