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My name is Gabriella Lascano. I'm a Latina from the south bronx who always loved fashion and beauty. I've always had a natural knack for fashion and around 12 years old I discovered my love for makeup. By age 17 I knew I wanted to be a makeup artist. As a junior in high school I started toying with a youtube channel and a blog.

While in college working on my bachelors in forensic psychology, I worked for Sephora and MAC Cosmetics and by 2015 I got my first opportunity to be a makeup artist for a celebrity. For the time I enjoyed it, but it made me realize that my heart was always in front of the camera not hiding behind it because I was "too fat".

So I stopped working for others and started working for myself. I started working on my fashion blog full time along with improving and upgrading my youtube channel. Within a year I gained over 100 thousand followers on instagram and 50 thousand subscribers on youtube because of my dedication to my subscribers and "glam girls".

I'm beyond grateful for the oppurtunities I've been given and I cannot wait for whats next! if you'd like to collaborate with me email


I have collaborated with many brands during my 10-year social media creator tenure, and I offer a number of services that would fit any brands needs! Blog content, video content on youtube and instagram and stunning high quality photos that inspire and empower.


Please contact for media kit info and more. I offer a variety of services and can meet your brands standards with my hard work ethic and fun personality! I love creating video content via youtube and classic chic and edgy content via instagram! I am truly excited to branch and out and push myself into more ventures and look forward to hearing from you!


If you're interested in having your product appear on my blog or collaborating in any other capacities please email with your inquiry. please note: sending product does not guarantee posts.


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