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As you guys have seen if you follow me on social media, I have been traveling more and more for the past 5 years. From Miami to LA, Vegas, Paris, Rome and MORE. visiting these places and accomplishing the things I have wanted to for years, is all due to making vision boards and setting intentions. I try my best to make a vision board, whether its a huge poster board on your bedroom wall or a simple phone background with photos; seeing something that you want to accomplish in this year everyday will truly bring it to you. Remember that you have to put the work in as well but in this blog post I will give you some tips on how to create a vision board and how to decide what to put on it. 

One easy to way to create a board is to use Pinterest to screenshot photos of the things you'd like and things that inspire you and motivate you to meet your goals. Use a collage app to place all the photos together and use the final product as a phone or desktop background. The other way is to use a poster board from the dollar store and physically cut out images from magazines or print images and paste them to the board. Use markers and other tools to get creative and truly make your vision board come to life. This way is the most immersive and childlike. I have done both ways and I honestly love both.  

Another way I like to involve my goals and subliminally attract my dreams is to make certain photos my phone background or buy planners, phone cases etc that represent those goals. For example buy a planner that represents traveling or a calendar with different cars etc. In 2017 I purchased a planner with a map of Paris on the cover because I wanted to go to Paris in 2018. I had no idea how I would make it there but I ended up going to Paris AND Venice in 2018 and I believe it was because everyday I saw that planner.  Believe in your goals and make a step every day towards them. 

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