Anyone who's ever worked as a makeup artist or hairstylist knows that all black becomes part of your soul. 

Even when you stop working at MAC at like me or Sephora (also like ) lol, you know it becomes second nature to wear all black no matter what.

Even when going out black is the go to.And every cosmo girl knows (Elle Woods) that black is slimming and sexy. I honestly never feel complete if my outfit isn't black. 

The twist top is from forever 21 and its on sale. I will say though that this is basically a long sleeved bra. I got a 2x just for the breast space because im a DD lol. Size down if you dont need that space or you have thin arms. 
 find it here

The skirt is from Fashion to Figure.
find it here

The choker is from an accessories shop near my apartment but you can find it here on ebay.