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So Christmas is over but its still shopping season!! NOW'S the time to get yourself those gifts that Santa forgot to bring! Or, if you have a loved one with a birthday in January / February (like me; Feb 15th) OR you want to get a head start on getting your girl some thangs for Valentines day have I got the list for you!



New Years GLAM

OK y'all Christmas is over but that doesn't mean there's nothing to look forward to!!! The Glam of New Years Eve is something I look forward to every year!!! So lets get into this!! If you don't have a look prepared don't worry!!! I GOT YOU!!!! LETS SHOP!!! SCROLL DOWN FOR THE LEWKS SIS!!!

1.Sequin Off the shoulder Gown - For the over-the-top GLAMAZON who goes all out for New Years!!! (me)

2. Plus size Lace Off Shoulder Dress - For the girl who doesn't wear lace any other time but doesn't love sequin

3. Sequin Trench Coat - For the one who wants to make an entrance but also wants to wear jeans

4. Sequin tank top - For the "cool girl" who's definitely wearing ripped denim and booties to DANCE all night

5. Pink & Blue Fur Coat - For the Cardi B in your friend group

6. Tribal Beaded Print Sequin Dress - For the Beyonce-at-citizens-festival of the group

7. Long Sleeve Sequin Dress - For the classic and chic gal, who loves a long sleeve dress

8. Silver Sequin Jumpsuit - For the scene stealer; no one will be looking anywhere else when you walk in wearing this

9. Halter Gold Gown - for the mermaid who only leaves the ocean for New Years cocktails and men

10. Velvet Leggings - For the one who's different, you don't just march to your beat, you SLAY




Merry Red Christmas

I had the great honor of being invited to dine at Gupshup NYC on December 14th, and the food was delicious. I am truly honored that they value my opinion and experience. The atmosphere was hip and trendy but had a great mix of an older fancy crowd mixed in with the after-work crowd. We made friends with the influencer to the right of us and the out-of-state-tourists to the left who were on their way to catch a showing of Broadway's Mean Girls (which I'm dying to see). Although the food absolutely authentic and delicious, the waiters seemed a bit lost and confused and they brought us a bunch of plates we didn't order, and were arguing on the side of the bar whilst I was waiting for the restroom. The maitre d though was maticulously walking around and making sure everything went smoothly and our waitress was sweet and prompt. The water was flowing constantly and our glasses were never empty!



It's All in the Details

This year I wanted a white Christmas so I decorated my home in silver and white with subtle hints of black for a modern flare. When it came to the presents under the tree I wanted their decor to be just as chic. So I wrapped them in this beautiful simple printed craft paper and tied on a sequin ribbon to add my signature sparkle touch. Then for the final accents I added either silver bows or a combination of  bows and ornaments. 

Mini ornaments are the perfect gift toppers. Stick to the traditional ball ornament shape or personalize it by adding the initials of the recipient or even their favorite food or animal. Mix and match your wrapping prints, boxes and even bows to create a one of a kind Christmas, and to help easily distinguish gifts. If you have family or friends whose b-days fall around Christmas time, mix birthday wrapping paper with Christmas ornament toppers to make their gift even more special like I did! BOTH of my siblings birthdays are right after XMAS!



Caped and Glam

Every year I love doing super Christmas things here in NYC and this has been one of the best yet. Not too cold and honestly not too packed either! Everything has been so beautiful and fun and i love bringing you along with me! Hoping you’re enjoying my insta-stories of all the Christmas fun and outfits! Get the look below!



covergirl party

Covergirl opened their flagship in Times Square earlier this month and I was so honored to be on the guest list! Miss Aesha Curry was there as guest DJ and the drinks AND cotton candy were flowing! Its winter, but that won’t stop my ass from showing SOME SKIN! 
“a hoe never gets cold” - proverbs cardi b

get my look below


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